Perfectly Placed

Impeccably Produced Consumer Product Segments 

Our Perfectly Placed division focuses on partnering with media, products and talent to create roundup segments and PR campaigns that match individual and groups of brands with broadcast media to create entertaining and informative quality content.  Perfectly Placed works behind the scenes with many marketing, advertising, social media and public relations firms to provide media relations support while helping media partners create engaging content for their viewers.

Perfectly Placed represents an array of on-air talent.  Our presenters provide expert advice and entertaining segment hosting.  You’ll find our Perfectly Placed  Parenting, Fitness and Lifestyle Experts featured on local, regional and national television segments.  We specialize in finding talent for segments and segments for talent while securing media coverage for all parties.  Whether you represent one product and would like to be part of a multi-brand round up segment or your represent many brands and need us to customize a segment just for you…we have done it all.