Our Process

GRITS PR and Staci Bloom understands that choosing a public relations arm can be an overwhelming process—we are here to foster an environment in which you  feel comfortable with your choice.  We support you if you are an individual promoting your brand or an agency needing an extra hand.

GRITS PR works with all of their clients on a one-on-one basis, creating unique proposals based on each situation and need. Each monthly retainer or project fee is based off of the depth of work, and depends on the goals that are established in the initial conversations between the  client and  GRITS.

Below is an outline of the GRITS Client Process.

The GRITS Process:

Gossip/Chat: Up to an hour in person or phone conversation to discuss needs and goals of the prospective client. During this time, we will elaborate on GRITS PR, our past clientele/experiences, and our team and vision.

Recommendation: Based off our Chat, GRITS PR will build and present a comprehensive proposal, outlining the steps needed to obtain the established goal(s).

Inked: Once the “details” are inked GRITS PR will work with the client to establish and mold the proposal; creating a seamless program or event.

Timeline: A timeline will be put in place for both parties to follow.

Shine: Sit back, relax and let us do what we do best